Back, back again!

Hello, I’m back!!

For those of you who still follow me on the Internet or continue to find me in Google -Thank You, I’m back! This time, with a whole new web presence, purpose and content (the site is still under development however)! Several months ago, I took my site down for a variety of reasons, mostly because the site had become “stale” to me, and really, I just wanted to “reboot” it. As life goes though, once it went down, I never found the time to get it back up! Not that I have any more available time now; I have decided to make the time because I have a whole new inspiration for this platform.

Any of you who have followed me for awhile know that I am a Cisco and Apple fanboy thorough and through. However, I have recognized for a bit now that the landscape of the industry is changing and there are new players out there worth mentioning, considering and yes, even using!

Rather than focusing on a vendor-specific narrative, my hope is that you’ll find a more vendor agnostic experience with the content on this platform. I’ll focus more on foundational and open source technology (like SIP, WebRTC, DevOps & Linux … etc) rather than solely how one vendor might implement those technologies in their products. Mastering core foundational technology like SIP or WebRTC will create a much more portable skill set for you, compared to just learning how one vendor uses those technologies within their products.